I began with massage therapy which lead me into sports medicine where I was fortunate to learn from a sports med and physical therapy innovator, Dr. Robert Moore. He was my favorite Professor and he took me under his wing at SDSU. While I was there, I was able to work with high level college athletes of many sports including the Aztec football team, UCSD, USD and local Jr. Colleges. My first job out of college was as an orthopedic surgeon's assistant. I was then offered a Job Head Soft tissue Specialist at a top notch Chiropractic Clinic owned by one of my adult gymnast that i had been training. I gained great experience, but decided I needed to get back out on the field with the athletes themselves. I continued as head soft tissue specialist and The Crawford High School Football team reached out to me to became their Head Athletic Trainer. I helped bring team from a 2-8 record to a 11-1 record what an amazing few years with those guys. 

I continue to gain fulfillment while working with all types of people and all types of injuries. My passion has pushed me as I continue to learn, grow and continuously reaching out to increase my knowledge in the field of study that love.